VeinProbe Adult Vein Finder

VeinProbe Adult Vein Identifier is used for quick identification of veins in patients such as obese individuals, patients in trauma or individuals with low Blood Pressure(BP) where the conventional method of identifying vein using naked eye is extremely difficult, thereby making the vein identification process for administering medication or blood draw laborious and error-prone.

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VeinProbe Pediatric VeinFinder

Pediatric or Baby or Infant Vein Finder is a Portable Best in Class device used to identify Hand Veins in newborn, neonatal, prenatal and Pediatric patients. The device comes with two Class I transilluminators, that will trans-illuminate veins and make them visible to ordinary eyes for IV, blood collection etc.

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TejasCare Crafts n Goods

Tejas Offers a range of consumer goods, herbs, and crafts under the brand TejasCare. We source the best among the best raw materials to cater the need of our clients. Tejas is one among the top companies offering B2B and B2C procurement and consultancy support for Crafts, Goods, Herbs, and consumables.

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About Tejas

Tejas is a 21st century rapidly evolving Startup. We are into research, design, development, healthcare, crafts, arts, organic and natural products business. We constantly strive ourselves to be in the front of innovating high-end solutions to day to day problems. Our innovations strike the right balance between technology and human care. We are passionate about our commitment to empowering human live. We care for our customers, employees, nature, and environment.

VeinProbe Pediatric Vein Finder

Our Story

At Tejas, we are passionate about empowering human lives through affordable life changing solutions ranging from health care to day to day consumables.

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