VeinProbe is one among the brain child of Tejas. Tejas committed to Quality assurance, Reliability, and Value for products. Technology at Right Price is the basic epitome of Tejas and continuously striving to attain this by humanising medical technology at affordable price. Translational Research is our core business and research area.

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Crafts n Arts

We craft fine quality rich Indian craft items with our superior craftsmanship. Our craft items can be used to decorate your desk space, home, car or office. They reflect your personality and fashion for art.

You can gift our craft items to your beloved, our craft items are elegant as much that of your love and care for your loved ones.

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Organic n Natural products

We understand your need and love for organic and natural products.

Be it honey from the bee's nest or rare medical herbs. We find them, process them naturally and send it to you. We ensure safety and sustainability of nature.

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About TEJAS  Corp

Tejas is a 21st century rapidly evolving Startup. We are into research, design, development, healthcare, crafts, arts, organic and natural products business.

Our main motto is"To Empower Human Lives".

We constantly strive ourselves to be in the front of innovating high end solutions to day to day problems. Our innovations strike the right balance between technology and human care. We are passionate about our commitment in empowering human lives.

We care for our customers, employees, nature and environment.

Tejas Translational Technologies Private Limited

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You can write to us, to receive our detailed product brochure, or regarding an application for job @Tejas or for an association with us as a partner or distributor.  We are looking for worldwide distributors and partners